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Principal Investigator


jkimmey <at>

Twitter: @jkimmey

Instagram: @KimmeyLab

Jacqueline Kimmey, PhD 

Assistant Professor, METX (2019 - present)

Fun fact: if all the cars break down, you'll find her commuting on horseback. 

Area of focus: all the areas!

Jacqueline began her research career as an undergraduate at UCLA where she studied heme acquisition in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the lab of Marcus Horwitz, MD. She completed her graduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis with Christina Stallings, PhD studying autophagy-independent functions of ATG5 in controlling neutrophil mediated susceptibility to M. tuberculosis. As a postdoc she worked with Victor Nizet, MD to explore how host responses dictate outcome of acute bacterial infections such as those caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, Group A Streptococcus (GAS), Group B Streptococcus (GBS), and Staphylococcus aureus. Jacqueline's training has been generously supported by various training and mentorship programs including UC LEADS, MARC, NSF GFRP, and UC PPFP. In 2019, Jacqueline was honored on the Forbes' 30 under 30 list (Science) and is a 2022 Pew Biomedical Scholar

Postdoctoral Fellows

Camila Morales Fenero.jpeg

cmoral44 <at>

Camila Morales Fénero, PhD 

Postdoctoral Fellow, METX (02/2023 - present)

Fun fact: she's a choir singer and loves cats!

Area of focus: zebrafish infection models and circadian rhythms

Ask me to help with: anything zebrafish, histology, microscopy, molecular biology

Camila graduated as a Medical Technologist at the University of Chile (UChile). She completed her undergraduate thesis in Colombo Lab where she studied the effects of the loss of function of the gene daam1 in the expression of asymmetries on the zebrafish habenula. She then moved to Brazil and pursued a Master’s and a Ph.D. in Immunology at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Saraiva Camara Lab where she studied the role of microbiota in the intestinal inflammation induced by TNBS and then by obesity with zebrafish as a model organism. After finishing her Ph.D. she did a one-year postdoc at Pacheco Lab in the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), working on microbiota-metabolites that affect the progression of acute kidney injury in an obese model in zebrafish. She joined the Kimmey Lab at UCSC in 2023, her research focuses on the interaction of infectious diseases with the immune system and their effect on circadian rhythms.

Graduate Students

Catherine Palmer.jpeg

Catherine Palmer

PhD Candidate, METX (03/2021 - present)

Fun fact: probably has sand in her shoes!

Area of focus: time of day susceptibility to pneumonia, pulmonary immunity

Ask me to help with: murine models, pathogenesis, flow cytometry

Catherine graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi in 2020 with a B. S. in Biology. She completed her undergraduate thesis in the Sadler Edepli Lab, where she studied fatty liver disease in zebrafish. Her research focused on how similar environmental conditions (both toxicological and microbiologic) can lead to differential disease outcomes. Her interests led her to pursue a PhD in the Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology program at University of California Santa Cruz where she joined the Kimmey Lab in 2021. Her research focuses on the regulation of innate effectors and pathogenesis.

caspalme <at>

Raina Sacksteder.png

Raina Sacksteder

MS Student, METX (Joined lab 03/2021. Thesis Defense 3/13/2023!)

Fun Fact: She runs the Etsy shop FrogsOnSwings!

Area of focus: mechanism of circadian clocks in zebrafish, impact of Spn exposure 

Ask me to help with: zebrafish, Tol2 transgenesis, circadian clock

Raina graduated from Reed College in 2020 with a B.A. in Biology. She completed her undergraduate thesis in the Cerveny Lab, where she studied the gene targets of retinoic acid during retinal neurogenesis in the developing zebrafish eye. A summer position in the Ott Lab at UCSF sparked her passion for host-microbe interactions, which lead her to pursue a PhD in Microbial Biology and Pathogenesis at UCSC and join the Kimmey Lab in 2021. Her research uses zebrafish to understand how infection alters the circadian clock. 

rsackste <at>

Jaden Knight

jwknight <at>

Jaden Knight

Undergraduate Student, BMB (class of 2023)

4+1 Master Student (METX) - started Fall 2022

Fun Fact: I worked on the UCSC Farm and known quantum chemistry!
Area of focus: chemical identification of clock modulating ligands
Ask me to help with: bacterial fractionation

I'm currently a mystery... you'll have to ask!

Undergraduate Students

Ziad Kedkad.jpg

zkedkad <at>

Ziad Kedkad

Undergraduate Student, MCD (class of 2023)
Joined the lab 08/2021

Fun Fact: Continuously trying to find the shortest path to my classes
Area of focus: effect of light and time of day on Spn zebrafish infections

Ziad Kedkad is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is majoring in Molecular Cell Development Biology and is an aspiring research surgeon with strong desires of innovating medicine of tomorrow. He is a jack of all trades with diverse passions - he owns a clothing company called Naeem Clothing and makes music under the alias CXC Mel! 

Jared Kolahi.jpg

Jared Kolahi

Undergraduate Student, MCD (class of 2023)

Joined the lab 06/2022

Fun Fact: He has a pet lizard and a pet turtle!

Area of focus: Zebrafish circadian rhythms following bacterial exposure

I'm currently a mystery... you'll have to ask!

jkolahi <at>

Kevin Halim.jpg

Kevin Halim

Undergraduate Student, Human Bio (class of 2024)

Joined the lab 01/2023

Fun Fact: He travelled to Bali, Jakarta, and Thailand - all in one summer! (over 10 flights)

Area of focus: Circadian effects on inflammation during S. pneumoniae infection

Kevin Halim comes from Dublin, California and is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Chemistry. After graduation, he plans to attend medical school and pursue a career in Dermatology. Outside of school, he can be found volunteering at a physical therapy clinic, playing video games, or playing the guitar.

khalim <at>

Lab Alumni

Alumni - Graduate Students (Thesis Lab)

Ti Lam - MS student (Mar 2020 - Dec 2021). Defended thesis Dec 2021! Current position: Research Associate at Exai Bio

Tiffany Thisner - PhD Student (Mar 2020 - Mar 2021). Withdrew from program to pursue career change.

Alumni - Graduate Students (Rotations)

Joshua Shaffer (2020). Thesis lab: Upasna Sharma 

Stephanie Aguiar (2020). Thesis lab: Raquel Chamorro-Garcia 

Alumni - Undergraduates, Postbac, and other pre-graduate trainees

Nathan Boucher - Undergraduate (Jan 2022 - Dec 2022). 

Hadassah Legaspi - ACCESS Scholar (June - Aug 2022). Current position: Undergrad at UCLA, class of 2024

Brittany Gomez - PREP Scholar (July 2020 - March 2021). 

Manasa Handady - Undergraduate (Oct 2019 - March 2021). Current position: Medical School, St. Louis University (entry 2021)

Alumni - Staff 

Lisa Sudek - Technician (Sept 2020 - May 2021). Current position: Specialist in Carpenter Lab, UCSC

Meredith Klashman - Jr. Specialist (Sept 2019 - July 2019). Current position: MD /MS program at UCSF and Berkeley

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