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Principal Investigator

Jacqueline Kimmey, PhD 

Assistant Professor, METX (2019 - present)


Fun fact: if all the cars break down, you'll find her commuting on horseback. 

Area of focus: all the areas!

jkimmey <at> ucsc.edu


Lisa Sudek

Postdoctoral Fellow (2020 - present)


Fun Fact: if the lab explodes, she'll be managing the Kimmey Lab Stables.

Area of focus: zebrafish models of infection

Ask me for help with: zebrafish, making sure the lab doesn't implode

lsudek <at> ucsc.edu

Graduate Student

Ti Lam

Graduate Student, MCD (2020 - present)

Fun Fact: knows all things boba milk tea

Area of focus: circadian control of immunity

Ask me to help with: circadian experiments, heat killed bacteria / bacterial PAMPs

dunlam <at> ucsc.edu

Tiffany Thisner

Graduate Student, MCD (2020 - present)


Fun Fact: Clean in lab, but will likely find acrylic paint stains on her clothes 

Area of focus: drivers of differential susceptibility to infection

Ask me to help with: bacterial growth in blood, RNAseq

tthisner <at> ucsc.edu


Brittany Gomez

PREP Scholar (2020 - present)

Fun Fact: was a costume designer in my past life

Area of focus: neutrophil responses in zebrafish

Ask me to help with: check back soon, currently still honing my skills!

brdgomez <at> ucsc.edu


Manasa Handady

Undergraduate Researcher (2019 - present)


Fun Fact: wouldn't you like to know?

Area of focus: still finding my niche

mhandady <at> ucsc.edu

Lab Alumni