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During an outbreak of a new infectious disease such as COVID-19, it can be difficult to process what is happening. For me, there have been several resources and particularly great works of journalism that have helped me to understand the outbreak. I'll be compiling them here for easy reference.  

Authoritative Reports:

WHO COVID-19 response page 

Imperial College London (Reports)


Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now - After reading this on March 12, I decided to suspend Kimmey Lab research. Incredible summary of what we know so far (written 3/10) 

Visual explanation of how outbreaks spread, and why social distancing works 

Don't be patient 31

Why COVID-19 is not the same as flu

A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air


Raw Data Trackers:

John's Hopkins Case Tracker

Our World in Data 

NextStrain - genetic mapping of virus sequence and evolution 

Vaccine Tracker

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