March 2020.Tiffany Thisner and Ti Lam officially join the Kimmey Lab!

March 2020.The Kimmey Lab is voluntarily suspending experiments to help prevent spread of COVID-19. Stay home everyone! 

February 2020. The Kimmey Lab zebrafish facility is officially installed!

January 2020. Grad students Josh Shaffer and Stephanie Aguiar join the lab for PBSE rotation #3

December 2019. Jacqueline is awarded a New Faculty Research Grant for our RNA seq project 

November 2019. Grad students Tiffany Thisner and Ti Lam join the lab for PBSE rotation #2

October 2019. Undergraduate Manasa Handady joins the lab

September 2019. Meredith Klashman joins the lab

July 2019. The Kimmey Lab is founded!

February 28, 2020 - Our zebrafish system is installed!

January 29, 2020 - Ti and Tiffany present their research at the PBSE poster session