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This page does not get updated as often as I'd but feel free to follow us on Twitter (@jkimmey) or Instagram (@kimmeylab) for updates! :) 

November 2020.
Raina Sacksteder joins the lab for PBSE Rotation #2.

October 2020. New publication from the lab uses CRISPRi-seq to study S. pneumoniae pathogenesis. (web) (PDF). (Press Release.) (Interview)

September 2020. Lisa Sudek joins the lab - she'll be helping manage the zebrafish breeding facility and will be developing new models and tools to study pathogenesis.

July 2020. Brittany Gomez joins the lab as an NIH PREP scholar - she'll be working on neutrophil responses to Spn infection in zebrafish. 
June 2020. UCSC progresses to stage 2 reopening, Kimmey Lab reopens! 

June 2020. Jacqueline is awarded a UCSC Faculty Research Grant for our circadian biology project 

March 2020.Tiffany Thisner and Ti Lam officially join the Kimmey Lab!

March 2020.The Kimmey Lab is voluntarily suspending experiments to help prevent spread of COVID-19. Stay home everyone! 

February 2020. The Kimmey Lab zebrafish facility is officially installed

January 2020. Grad students Josh Shaffer and Stephanie Aguiar join the lab for PBSE rotation #3

December 2019. Jacqueline is awarded a New Faculty Research Grant for our RNA seq project 

November 2019. Grad students Tiffany Thisner and Ti Lam join the lab for PBSE rotation #2

October 2019. Undergraduate Manasa Handady joins the lab

September 2019. Meredith Klashman joins the lab

July 2019. The Kimmey Lab opens!

+doxy good2-blue green(flase color).tif

February 28, 2020 - Our zebrafish system is installed!

PBSE rotation wrap up poster session.jpe

January 29, 2020 - Ti and Tiffany present their research at the PBSE poster session

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