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Jaden Knight

Master's Candidate (Qualified!)

Jaden Knight

Fun Fact: I worked on the UCSC Farm and know quantum chemistry! 

Area of focus: chemical identification of clock modulating ligands 

Ask me to help with: bacterial fractionation, MS, HPLC, NMR

Jaden joined the lab in summer 2022 as an undergraduate researcher. He's been a Jack of All Trades - rapidly immersing himself in all areas of our lab's research ranging across our animal models to cell culture to full our chemistry! Jaden was admitted to the 4+1 Masters program in Fall 2022 followed by formal admission to the graduate program. Jaden formally started as a full time graduate student upon conferral of his B.S. in June 2023. 

Jaden successfully completed his Masters Qualifying Examination in Dec. 2023! He is now a qualified candidate :)

research tags

chemistry, microbiology

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